On Balance & Kids

Our question for Coffee with Andi comes from West Virginia,

"You mentioned in one of your videos that you had a time (I believe in Australia) where you felt God calling you to be a stay at home mom, even though you felt possibly some uneasiness about the balance of that and your career.  I am a mother to one amazing and precious little girl and I am so afraid of missing out on anything. (We've been praying and trying for years to have more children and it hasn't happened yet.) I am so afraid to miss our on what could be my only child's life. I don't want to wake up one day and realize she's grown and I wasn't there because I was working too much in order to give her the "things" she wanted

I guess my question is, for those of us who are struggling with the deep desire to take time off to be at home more with our children (unsure of whether it's God calling us to stay home or if it's just our own desire), what advice to you have when our spouse doesn't seem to understand or agree with that decision? My husband wants me to continue to work. So.... advice on how to handle this situation...please."

So grab your coffee, tea, or drink of choice and settle in. I hope this encourages you.